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Home Appliance  Repair Plans

Our experienced advisors will fully support you through every step of the way and ensure they find the best service for you.

Repairing or replacing your household appliances can be expensive.

We offer a comprehensive repair plan for all the appliances in your home. No matter how large or small, your 60 inch TV, iron, hoover, fridge, freezer we can help! You can add many appliances to your plan including all your kitchen goods in the event of a breakdown.


Our multi Appliance Repair Plan includes...

We also know that sometimes things are beyond simple repair and that’s why we aim to get an engineer to you within 48 hours if we can’t help you over the phone. We aim to repair your appliance on site but if we can’t we offer a replacement promise, meaning you can be back up and running as quick as possible.

All our household appliance Repair plans include breakdowns as standard. We have a team of friendly advisors on hand to help talk you through your issue. We know each individual call is different so we will help as much as we can by offering free technical support over the phone.



You wake up, or you get home after a long day at work and your TV won’t turn on! Your Be Sure plan includes breakdowns.


Washing machine & tumble dryers

We know how important your washing machine and/or tumble dryer is, that’s why our service & repair provides you with over the phone technical support and repair or replace.


Fridges & freezers

Our team are on hand to quickly talk you through the best steps to get your appliances up and running again.


Hoovers, irons & other household appliances

Our multi appliance discretionary repair plan includes as many of your appliances as you need and includes service and repair.


Satellite TV (including sky boxes)

If damaged, you’d be back to the standard channels and your entertainment would be restricted! We repair all kinds of satellite TV including the ever popular Sky box.

Want peace of mind? Find out more today. . . 
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